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What a Creative Mortgage Broker Does (and Doesn’t Do)

To this day it amazes me that some people think that a mortgage broker’s job is to help create fake documents. If you’re self employed and you don’t report enough income to qualify for the mortgage you want, you can just call a mortgage broker and s/he will create the documents you need, right? WRONG! (more…)


How To Get Construction Financing

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If you need a construction mortgage, here are some of the things our lenders consider to be most important: (more…)

self-employed mortgages

How Much (Self Employed) Income Should You Report and Still be able to Qualify for a Mortgage

A common question I get from people who are self employed – “how much income should I report and still be able to get a mortgage”? An common scenario self employed people (more…)

No Payments till 2028 with this Mortgage

No Payments till 2028 with this Mortgage

No Payments. Don’t pay a cent. No money down. You’ve heard every pitch when it comes to selling furniture, appliances or TV’s. But don’t pay a cent on your mortgage? That’s a new one, don’t you think?! (more…)

Row Of Empty New Houses

Stuck with Two Properties

Given the recent, softer real estate market, many people find themselves seemingly “stuck” with two properties.

They purchased a property, expecting to later sell their current property and use the proceeds from the sale as a down payment on the purchase. (more…)

New Commercial Property

Is Mortgage Investing Right for You?

Please join us at an investment seminar on Mortgage Investing this Thursday March 17th, 8.30 PM in Thornhill, Ontario. The event is being organized by Itay Avni from Sutton Admiral Realty and David Grossman, (more…)